Scrum | Development approach within a Sprint

I have been working in Scrum Agile framework for software development since last 7 years.
Transition from Waterfall model to Scrum model is always difficult. Suddenly there is no Analysis phase and what we have is just couple weeks of sprint to deliver a small piece of functionality. Then we try adjusting our working model and end up following waterfall model within sprints. Aim of the post is to explain how to develop functionality/feature in scrum sprint, without following smallish waterfall within it.

Let’s take an example of developing a Login page for some application. Some one new to Scrum, would break up the story into the tasks in somewhat following manner:

  1. Analysis & Design
  2. Coding
  3. Code Review
  4. Unit Test & Refactoring
  5. Test Support

Following the tasks above, one will be able to complete the development related tasks by around 5th or 6th day of sprint. Thus giving 4-5 days for System Test. If you observe closely, it is a mini waterfall within couple of weeks.

Now taking the same example, one can break down tasks further in the following manner.

  1. Develop UI (Without Validations)
  2. Implement UI Validations
  3. Implement User Authentication (Happy scenario)
  4. Implement User Authentication (Un-Happy scenario)
  5. Code Review
  6. Unit Test & Refactoring
  7. Test Support

Lots of tasks, doesn’t mean more work. Just that now you can manage and track your work better.
Furthermore each development task will include it’s own mini analysis and design. Moreover, while working on subsequent tasks, one can start refactoring the previously done work as well. The way tasks are broken, even more than one developer can work on it. Each developer working on UI and Authentication part individually.

Now even the delivery to System Test can be carried out in phased manner.

  • Task 1 should be delivered on day 2.
  • Task 2 and 3 should be delivered on day 4.
  • Task 4 should be delivered on day 5 or 6.

In scrum, we follow iterative design and analysis, unlike waterfall where there is specific phase for each respectively.

Agile Scrum

Finally the way one break down tasks, depends purely on one’s comfort level. But better to break it down as much as possible to minute level. Just take an example, similar to what I have done and try breaking it down.

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