Scrum | Development approach within a Sprint

I have been working in Scrum Agile framework for software development since last 7 years.
Transition from Waterfall model to Scrum model is always difficult. Suddenly there is no Analysis phase and what we have is just couple weeks of sprint to deliver a small piece of functionality. Then we try adjusting our working model and end up following waterfall model within sprints. Aim of the post is to explain how to develop functionality/feature in scrum sprint, without following smallish waterfall within it.
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Async-Await | C# Asynchronous Programming

I have seen many experienced professionals, finding it very difficult to understand the async-await. Simple yet powerful feature of .Net framework, that allows the developer to leverage the advantages of the multi core processor and to write a lesser code. Let me start my first blog article with one of my favorite feature of .Net, async-await. I am not going to explain asynchronous programming concepts in detail, but will only focus on usage of aysnc-await keywords.

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