Powershell | Mastering IIS using Powershell

It is always a very mechanical job to configure the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to setup an environment. It is very time consuming to configure your websites, bindings, application pools, web applications and their properties and attributes respectively. Here comes powershell for rescue, where we can automate few or rather many of our IIS configuration tasks.

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Debug Diag | Troubleshooting IIS Applications – StackOverflowException

This is the first article in the series of the articles I have planned to write on Debug Diag tool. I am focusing purely on the troubleshooting and diagnosing of the StackOverflowException in IIS Application in this article.

It is very easy for us to diagnose an issue in local debug environment. It is even easier in testing environments. But it is a different scenario altogether, when we have issues in PROD environment. Custom logging helps to investigate most of the issues in PROD, but there are scenarios where our logging fails us and this is where Debug Diag helps us.

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ASP.Net MVC | Mapping Static Files To MVC Controller

There are times, where we are working on projects that include migration of the websites with legacy technologies to the newer technologies. One of the requirement is to make sure, we some how map old URLs to new pages, so as to prevent unpleasant error pages to users who have bookmarked URLs from old website. However, other thing to keep in mind is that the old URLs indexed by Search Engines aren’t left completely broken.

ASP.Net MVC has feature where we can map the custom URLs to the MVC controller and actions. But this is limited to extension less URLs. Today we will see how to map URLs with the extensions (.html, .php, .asp, .aspx, etc.) or static files to MVC controller and actions.

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Scrum | Development approach within a Sprint

I have been working in Scrum Agile framework for software development since last 7 years.
Transition from Waterfall model to Scrum model is always difficult. Suddenly there is no Analysis phase and what we have is just couple weeks of sprint to deliver a small piece of functionality. Then we try adjusting our working model and end up following waterfall model within sprints. Aim of the post is to explain how to develop functionality/feature in scrum sprint, without following smallish waterfall within it.
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Async-Await | C# Asynchronous Programming

I have seen many experienced professionals, finding it very difficult to understand the async-await. Simple yet powerful feature of .Net framework, that allows the developer to leverage the advantages of the multi core processor and to write a lesser code. Let me start my first blog article with one of my favorite feature of .Net, async-await. I am not going to explain asynchronous programming concepts in detail, but will only focus on usage of aysnc-await keywords.

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